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Enrichment & Extracurriculars

At ACRMA8, we are committed to addressing the needs of the whole child. One way we will do this is through encouraging the pursuit of outside interests and passions through our enrichment program. Please read below for a description of our enrichment course options.


Acoustic Guitar: Students will learn the basics of playing acoustic guitar, and incorporate music theory in their learning. By the end of the lessons, they will be able to play songs as well as match rhythmic beats with their strumming/singing.


Anime: Watch anime films and engage in artwork around the anime characters!


Arts and Crafts: In this course, you will explore your creative side and express yourself through arts and crafts. You will be doing all of the following: drawing, origami, bead-making, bracelet-making, lanyard/keychain design, and cross stitching. By focusing and working on these works of arts and crafts, you will also build grit!


Beginning Soccer: If you enjoy watching soccer, actually trying soccer out might be worth a try! Learn to pass, engage in drills, and learn how to build up stamina to play games. Soccer will improve our footwork and teamwork!


Board Games: Students will learn how to play various board games and learn how to strategize. Board games students will engage in include Boggle, Scrabble, dominos, cards, chess and checkers!


Chess: Have you always wanted to learn how to play chess? Or get better at it? In this enrichment course, you will learn how to play chess and apply basic rules to advanced strategies to participate in tournaments with your peers! Chess is a classic game that has been around and has fascinated many! Learn various tactics and how to checkmate!


Entomology (The study of Insects): Are you interested in looking at bugs up close? Ants? Spiders? Professional entomologists contribute to the betterment of humankind by detecting the role of insects in the spread of disease and discovering ways of protecting food and fiber crops, and livestock from being damaged. They study the way beneficial insects contribute to the well being of humans, animals, and plants. Amateur entomologists are interested in insects because of the beauty and diversity of these creatures.


Hands-on DIY: Students will explore the Arts by being creative and Doing It Themselves. They will learn how easy it is to be creative and not be an artist. We will create projects with paint as the primary medium, but not limited to it.  Students will explore how to create images from something as simple as their handprints.


Health & Fitness: This class focuses on healthy eating and proper exercise. Students will learn how to properly read food labels, what happens biochemically in the body when we eat and exercise, and the safest and most effective way to work out according to research.


Knitting & Crocheting: Be ready to knit your way through this semester, creating projects like scarves, hats, blankets, gloves, and anything else you can imagine! This course will teach you the basics of both knitting and crocheting, and you will learn many different stitch techniques. Although we are starting in the summer, by the end of this semester you will be prepared for the cold.


MESA: MESA is a pre-college program for students who are interested in math and science. We will be participating in various activities and competitions to demonstrate how engineers use math and science in their work. Students will be doing hands on learning to learn about engineering and the work that goes into. Students will be building boats, tables out of newspaper, zipling testing, car building with simple supplies such as: cardboard, paper, paper clips, etc. Super fun class while learning about real work engineers and scientist do!


Mexican/Chicano Arts, Crafts & Music: Students will be learning about the “los tres grandes” muralist artist and chicano art from Los Angeles. The students will be provided opportunities to make their own mural painting (on a canvas) about social justices that they have learned in the classroom and do research on their favorite artist. The students will also be given the opportunity to learn about early chicano music in the united state from Rickie Vale and Selena. The students will also create different arts and crafts that are traditional to the Mexican heritage (pinatas, sugar skulls and so on).


Modern Music Appreciation: Students will look at American music through a social lens, with particular focus on the most influential music artists of the latter half of the 21st century and how those artists have led or impacted social movements. Students will create and share playlists of their “best hits” from each genre or era and engage in dialogue as novice music critics. In addition, students may try their hand at making their own music


Robotics & Programming: In this class, you will use LEGO MINDSTORMS and be able to accomplish the following:
-design, build, and program robots to complete complex tasks
-explore computer science programming concepts such as loops
-explore basic principles in physics and engineering
-collaborate with peers to design effective models   


Running: This class is for students who are passionate about running long distances or interested in conditioning your bodies to be able to run long distances. We will run outside every week so that you can build your stamina and perseverance. You will track your progress to see how much you improve!


School Beautification Club: Beautify our school. Create a large mural on the school wall which will be there for all to enjoy! Use art to create a beautiful environment – yes, you will beautify our school! 


Wiffle Ball: Like baseball? Softball? Or some version of it? Try wiffle ball! Build up skills and techniques, but most of all, engage in team work and get active.


Writer’s Workshop: Students will explore poetry, story, and nonfiction writing. They will have the freedom to express their creativity as well as the guidance to improve their writing in a relaxing, fun-filled environment that includes word games and peer feedback. Find your inner-author!


Yearbook: Do you want to create a yearbook so that ACRMA8 students are able to remember their first year of middle school and purchase it? While creating the yearbook, you will organize pictures in a creative and thoughtful manner. You will also make sure that every event at school is remembered in the yearbook! Let's make sure we capture this founding year! (only offered 2nd semester)


Zest Dance: You will learn the basics of Merengue- a Dominican style of dance/music. Partners hold each other by hands and sometimes by waist and are taught various turning styles. Before we start dancing, we will warm up with a couple of zumba songs (aerobic like dance).  Students will learn how to dance a song (choreographed) by the end of the semester. You will also have some free-style dance time.