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Enrichment & Extracurriculars

Enrichment Course Offerings for Spring 2020: At ACRMA8, we are committed to addressing the needs of the whole child. One way we will do this is through encouraging the pursuit of outside interests and passions through our enrichment program. Please read below for a description of our enrichment course options.


Anime: Are you a fan of anime? Yes? Then this course is for you! Explore classic anime films for inspiration to create your own anime style works of art. You will create drawings of the characters and include it in your sketchbook portfolio. A showcase of your artwork will be the final product. 


Arts and Crafts: In this course, you will explore your creative side and express yourself through arts and crafts. You will be doing all of the following: drawing, origami, bead-making, bracelet-making, lanyard/keychain design, and cross-stitching. By focusing and working on these works of arts and crafts, you will also build grit!


Choir: Be A Star!  Students will learn to sing different styles of music in a fun atmosphere, from pop, show tunes, hip hop, and more.  Students will additionally develop performance skills. At the end of the year, students will perform some of the great music they learned for class credit. 

Come and join us!


Film & Popcorn: Students will analyze film, its history and its impact on society as a whole, exploring the ways in which movies and media mold our perceptions of the world. By studying dialogue, character presentation, and scene structure, students will begin to comprehend filmmaking as an international form of communication and connection while understanding how to visually and artistically portray their world and viewpoint.


Harry Potter: This will be a Harry Potter themed class for anyone, whether you have read the books or not. We will watch the Harry Potter movies on Thursdays, then do crafts and activities associated with the movie on Fridays. Come enjoy the wizarding world! 


MESA: MESA stands for Math Engineering Science and Achievement! This is a 2-semester enrichment or a 1-year commitment. We will go on 2 field-trips (1 per semester) and we will compete regionally and statewide against middle schools from all over California. The competition events are designed to push your skills as a scholar and hone your abilities as a leader. Applicants must be willing to attend 2 Saturday competitions and 1 Saturday field-trip, for a total of 3 weekend outings for the year.


Mexican/Chicano Arts: Students will be working on creating different arts and crafts that are traditional to the Mexican heritage (Mexican flag, Ojo de Dios, piñatas, basket making).


Perler Bead Art: Make pixel art made out of fuse beads. Each bead is hand-placed onto a board of equally spaced pegs, eventually forming a larger image.


Pokemon, Yu-Gi-Oh, & Card Games: Learn how to play awesome trading card games like Pokemon and Yu-Gi-Oh! Master the strategies of popular card games like Speed, Poker, Unknown, Hearts, and Uno. Don’t have someone to play with? Learn 1 player card games like Solitaire and Spider Solitaire.


Retro Art Club: Are you obsessed with cartoons, movies, comics, and paper airplanes? Want to meet people just like you? Join Nerdy Retro Art Club! Here you will watch classic cartoons and movies, read comics, color, draw, and create origami. By enjoying classic cartoons, movies, and comics, you will learn about American culture.


Running: In this class, students will run every week! We will participate in one or two 5K races that will occur on weekend mornings during the semester. We will use class time to prepare for the 5K races, improve our endurance and speed, work on stretching, & building strength.


Scholar Council: In scholar council, students will work together in order to organize events for students (Community Meeting, dances, etc.), fundraise, communicate with staff, publicize school events and more.  Students will be able to demonstrate their leadership abilities and be the driving force behind student events at ACRMA8. (This class has limited capacity.)


School Beautification: Students will beautify our school by creating beautiful murals to increase school spirit and pride. Students will also paint on canvas. (*This enrichment is limited to only 10 eighth grade students.)


Typing: Learn How to be a Typing Master! This class will help you learn how to type on a computer keyboard the proper way without looking at the keys.  You will learn how to type by typing playing games and working on different computer sites.


Wiffleball: Wiffle ball is a variation of the sport of baseball designed for indoor or outdoor play in confined areas. The game is played using a perforated, lightweight, resilient plastic ball and a long, typically yellow, plastic bat. Fundamentals of throwing, fielding, hitting, and sportsmanship will be the main focus and the enjoyment of baseball in a miniature version.

Yearbook: Help us with the yearbook layout, learn formatting skills, & picture taking of your peers! (This class is limited to 10 students.)