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Enrichment & Extracurriculars

Enrichment Course Offerings for Spring 2019: At ACRMA8, we are committed to addressing the needs of the whole child. One way we will do this is through encouraging the pursuit of outside interests and passions through our enrichment program. Please read below for a description of our enrichment course options.


Chess: Learn to play the ultimate strategy game: Chess! You will learn the basics, like how the pieces move, to advanced strategies and tactics on how to best your opponent and win the game.


Musical Theater: Love singing in the shower? Be prepared to go from shower singer to performer in this enrichment. If you can speak you can sing, and this enrichment will help improve your ability to hold a note, sing on key, and feel more confident singing in front of an audience.


Retro Art Club: Are you obsessed with cartoons, movies, comics, and paper airplanes? Want to meet people just like you? Join Nerdy Retro Art Club! Here you will watch classic cartoons and movies, read comics, color, draw, and create origami. By enjoying classic cartoons, movies, and comics, you will learn about American culture.


Harry Potter Movies and Crafts: This will be a Harry Potter themed course for anyone, regardless if they have read the books or not.  We will watch the Harry Potter movies on Thursdays then do crafts and activities associated with the movie on Fridays. Come enjoy the wizarding world!


Introduction to Web Development: This course is designed for students interested in learning about web development. By the end of this course students will be able to understand the primary parts (hardware) of a computer, how websites and web browsers function, use a text editor for programming, set up the structure of a website using HTML, utilize CSS to design a user-friendly website, and add dynamic behavior to a website using JavaScript.


Outdoor Games: In this course, we going to focus on several different outdoor games and strategies that will allow us to build and create our own unique individualized game for friends and family. We will learn how to play over 7 different outdoor games and activities for e.g. Wiffle Ball, Ultimate Frisbee, Badminton golf, and one of my all-time favorites Speedball which is a blend of two different sports football and soccer.


Mexican/Chicano Arts: Students will be learning about the “Los Tres Grandes” muralist artist and Chicano art from Los Angeles. The students will be provided opportunities to make their own mural painting ( on a canvas) about social justices that they have learned in the classroom and do research on their favorite artist. In addition, students will be exposed to LA history and the rich culture that their local neighborhoods have.  As part of co-teaching, students will have opportunities to do hands-on art projects. The students will be working on creating different arts and crafts that are traditional to the Mexican heritage (pinatas, Mexican Flag, basket making).


Running: In this class, students will run every week! You will be REQUIRED to participate in at least 1 of 2 5K races that will occur on weekend mornings throughout the semester. We will use class time to prepare for the 5K races as well as learn proper running posture, breathing, and stretching techniques.


5K Race Dates:

  • Dodger Stadium 5k: Saturday, March 23rd (8am)
  • United Way of Greater LA 5k: Saturday, May 18th

Beast Mode: Live Your Best Life: How can you become the best version of yourself? In this class, we will: compete with one another through playing games, making games, moving around and working out, increasing our core body strength, practicing mindfulness to increase our awareness of our thoughts, developing techniques that will help us to overcome challenges and to focus, and improving on skills that will help us succeed in class and beyond.


Science Fiction: Do you like asking yourself “what if? “ In this class, we will interact with various sources of the science fiction genre such as: The Twilight Zone, Star Wars, Meet the Robinsons, and more. We will imagine and create our own possibilities of science and technology.


Coloring: The practice of coloring generates wellness, quietness, stimulates brain areas related to motor skills, the senses, and creativity.  Have the decision to focus on making and allow yourself to escape from being stressed and caught up with your schoolwork. Color the stress away!


Acoustic Guitar: Students will be able to develop strum patterns, rhythm, tone, and knowledge of chords/keys by playing guitar. Students will also learn how to read basic music theory and apply this to playing acoustic guitar.


Perler Bead Art: Learn how to make awesome bead art! You’ll choose an image to turn into pixel art, then hand-place colored beads onto a board of equally spaced pegs, fuse them together, and eventually form them into your larger, chosen image!


Mathematics, Engineering, Science Achievement (MESA): changing the face of science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) by creating and developing a new generation of STEM leaders. Our programs fuel diversity by propelling historically underrepresented groups toward STEM degrees and professional careers.


Anime: Are you a fan of anime? Yes? Then this course is for you! Explore anime films for inspiration to create your own anime style works of art. You will create drawings of the characters and include it in your sketchbook portfolio. A showcase of your artwork will be the final product.


School Beautification & Paper Mache Art: Students will beautify our school by creating beautiful murals to increase school spirit and pride. Students will also create a Paper Mache art like apples and bowls.


Scholar Council: In scholar council, students will work together in order to organize events for students (lunchtime rallies, dances, etc.), fundraise, communicate with staff, publicize school events and more.  Students will be able to demonstrate their leadership abilities and be the driving force behind student events at ACRMA8.


Arts & Crafts: Students will explore and expand their self-expressions. Expand their motor, creative, and critical thinking skills.  Challenge students to practice trial-and-error. Build GRIT (finishing what one starts; completing something despite obstacles; a combination of persistence and resilience) characteristics and reflective practices

Yearbook: Do you want to create a yearbook so that ACRMA8 students are able to remember their first year of middle school and purchase it? While creating the yearbook, you will organize pictures in a creative and thoughtful manner. You will also make sure that every event at school is remembered in the yearbook! Let's make sure we capture this founding year!